Everything you need to work both the bases and the plate as a Broward County high school baseball umpire are shown below.  The photos are not necessarily representative of required brands, makes, or models of uniforms or equipment. Items that are not required are identified as either "recommended" or "optional."  

FHSAA hat: base or combo (do not use base hat while working the plate). 
Umpire's mask (with throat guard). (The hockey-style mask is acceptable) 
Sunglasses are optional during day games. 

Umpire shirts: black or pro blue.  It is recommended that the plate shirt be a size larger than the base shirt.  The FHSAA patch must be sewn or embroidered onto the center of the shirt pocket.  Black t-shirt (compression optional) in crew neck or mock turtleneck.  Chest protector (make sure it is appropriate for the level of play you are officiating).  A black pullover jacket is optional (if used, it must have the FHSAA patch sewn onto the left breast).  A stopwatch is recommended to be carried by third base or base umpire in order to time rain delays.  Do not wear a wrist watch, cell phone, or pager on the field. 


Base and plate slacks (combo slacks are not recommended), heather gray (dark heather gray, charcoal gray, and sage gray are not recommended, but are optional), with either pleated or plain fronts.  Black leather or patent leather belt, 1-3/4 inch width.   Compression tights are optional for those who are concerned about pinching from shin guard straps.  Shin guards.  Navy blue ball bags (gray is optional).  Plate umpires may wear one or two, but if one is worn, it is worn on the right.  Indicator, lineup card holder, and plate brush. 

Black socks.  Black base shoes (white accents are acceptable).  Plate shoes.  Shoes may be high top, mid-cut, or low-cut and may even be patent leather. A cup and supporter are strongly recommended for those who feel they have something to protect.

Get your gear!