2021 BBUA Executive Board Nominees

Following members that have been nominated for a board position.


       1. Joe Redfern

       2. Gary Mogan

Vice President

       1. Kevin Gray

       2. Larry Schweitzer

       3. Jeffrey Solomon


       1. Wayne Haefner


       1. Jay Cohen

At-Large Director

       1. Orlando Hernandez

Elections - If you want to nominate someone or yourself please send a email to the two following emails, this is to provide us with accountability. The emails are bbuanominations@glomarbiz.com and kianes1@comcast.net. Requirements to hold office are to be a member in good standing with four years membership in BBUA and BBUA is your primary club. Nominations will be accepted until midnight the 2nd of May 2021. We will then put a ballot together after all nominees are verified and accepted. We will have a absentee ballot on the web site and the procedure of how we will handle these will be forthcoming.