Letter from the President desk

All BBUA members and perspective members,


I hope that this letter finds you all doing well. It has again been an unprecedented summer.

I wanted to update all of you on a few things that have been happening and some of our plans as they stand right now. Much of which is depending on how the fall and winter months go regarding what is happening with the newest outbreak of COVID- 19. As of now we are scheduled to start a week later than usual in February. I will have all board meetings and general meetings minutes and/or summaries posted on our web site, BBUA.net under the 2022 tab.


Our board met on August 10th. Those present were:

Larry Friedman - Past President 

Joe Redfern - President

Larry Schweitzer - Vice President

Wayne Haefner - Secretary

Jay Cohen - Treasurer 

Orlando Hernandez - Member at Large

Eric Foust - Rules Interpreter (non Board Member)  Invited by Joe Redfern 

Shaun Lancaster - Booking Commissioner 


Things that were discussed: 2021 DUES: The dues for returning members will return to $60 for this coming year. For new members it will be $75.

The new registration form can be downloaded from our web site. This form is to be completed and either submitted at the October, November or December meetings or mailed back as instructed on the form with a copy of your current FHSAA state badge. REGISTRATION WILL NOT BE DUE UNTIL JANUARY 1, 2021.

                                             FHSAA: Everyone must register with the FHSAA for baseball (BCAA on the drop-down menu                                                                 with FHSAA).  


GENERAL MEETINGS: General meetings will start in October. The Board has decided to conduct ALL meetings in person. More information on dates and times and format will follow after our next board meeting which is September 13th.


TRAINING: Different training options were discussed, and more information will follow as to how and when training will take place. The Board is considering 2 separate clinics and the January clinic returning to the 2 day format.


Feel free to contact me should you have anything you would want to discuss, I want to thank you for your support and hope to see all of you in the near future.


Joe Redfern

Broward Baseball Umpires Association

954-483-5096 cell