Assignment Committee (Works with the BCAA booking commissioner to oversee the contest assignment procedure.)
Board Member Liaison---------------Ken Maurer

Mike Margolis
Tim Snider
Larry Schwietzer


Training Committee (Plans the content and implementation of training sessions, both on the field and in the classroom.)
Board Member Liaison---------------Jay Cohen
Eric Foust
Manny Salazar
Christian Argueza

Evaluations Committee (Chooses evaluators and sets the process of evaluating umpires for the upcoming season.)
Board Member Liaison---------------Joe Redfern
Jeff Solomon
Peter Ableton
Vinnie Harstad


Grievance Committee (Investigates complaints and recommends action to the board of directors.)
Board Member Liaison---------------Orlando Hernandez
Scott Auster
LuCious Moore
Henry Perez


Recommendations Committee (Reviews the evaluations of each umpire and prepares a recommended list for post-season assignments.)
Board Member Liaison-----Larry Friedman/Shaun Lancaster
Greg Grimmett
Brett Lancaster
Kevin Gray

Nomination Committee (Recruits and nominates new board members for the BBUA.)
Board Member Liaison---------------John Poropat
Wayne Haefner